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Adoptee Details

Informant: Self
Birth: July 29, 1084, Charleston, Tallahatchie, Mississippi, USA
Sex: Female
Single or Multiple birth: Single
Race/Ethnicity: White
Family Surname:
Mother's Maiden Surname: Kenney?
Father's Surname: Unknown
DNA Tests taken: None
Stories related to: None

My Adoption Story

I was taken from my mom and my Aunt adopted me. She could not handle me and gave me up for adoption to a lady I do not know. I was then adopted by Karen Holland. My birth name was Tracey Kenney. Changed to Traci Holland. Then I was adopted at 5 and my name changed to Traci Criddle. I am now married and am Traci Donnelly. I was told that it is known I have at least have one older brother. I am in search of my birth family and siblings. I want to know what my family roots are to be able to share with my children. I think I am Irish because I have red hair. But have no idea what my heritage is.

Searching for Family

I am not even sure if my real name was Kenney. That is the best info I have and that my mom's name may have been Barbara. I have called every Kenney in the phone books and messaged many on face book.

Reunion Goal

I want to know my family, who I am, and meet my siblings.

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