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Adoptee Details

Informant: Lineal Descendent
Birth: December 15, 1934, Queens, Queens, New York, USA
Sex: Male
Single or Multiple birth: Single
Race/Ethnicity: White
Parental Surname: Morton

DNA Tests taken: None
Stories related to: None

My Adoption Story

Born in Queens, NY and was given to an orphanage soon after birth. The home was the Angel Guardian Home in Brooklyn, NY. My father lived there for appx 3-4 years until he was adopted. He was also baptized there at Angel Guardian Home. He does not have his original birth certificate but he does know that his birth last name was Morton, not sure if that is his BirthMother's or BirthFathers's last name (assuming Birthmother).

Searching for Family

Joined a group on Facebook hoping to connect with a Search Angel, but the one I did connect with really was of no help to me.

Reunion Goal

Wondering if my father has any siblings or half siblings that may still be living.

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