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Adoptee Details

Informant: Lineal Descendant
Birth: October 31, 1923, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Sex: Female
Single or Multiple birth: Unknown
Race/Ethnicity: White
Mother's Maiden Surname: Unknown
Father's Surname: Unknown
DNA Tests taken: None, Haplogroup H1c
Stories related to: 1960 Feb 7

My Adoption Story

My mother was born on Oct 31, 1923 in Kansas City, MO.

A search angel who was a detective was able to tell me that according to microfiche of birth records, she was not born within the city limits of Kansas City and therefore he could not locate her by the records that he had available.

Searching for Family

I have been able to determine that she was adopted at some time between her birth and 1930 as she was living with her adoptive parents G. R. Riedell and C. M. Torrance on the 1930 US Census in Minneapolis, MN. After adoption she went by the name Elizabeth "Betty" Jane Riedell.

In 1935 she was living back in Kansas City, MO indicating there must have been a relationship between the Riedells and the biological family.

My mother passed away from esophogeal cancer on Apr 8, 1982 in Edina, MN. She had two children prior to me who I have reached out to but they have chosen not to respond.

According to DNA tests and family trees, there is a predicted biological relationship descending from Joseph Tomlinson, Sr. and Jean Jennie Russell of Linn County, IA. I have yet to be able to determine the exact lineage.

Reunion Goal

I would like to discover my mother's family heritage and any medical information that can benefit myself and my descendants. I realize that she is deceased and any ancestors would be as well but there may be some siblings still living that could potentially provide information.

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